Are you looking for a dog grooming parlour?

  I am a canine beautician with 40 years experience!

Based in the village of Park Street near ST.Albans Hertfordshire. It all 

started back in 1976 when I worked in a local kennels and learnt the basis

of dog grooming. I then moved on to a busy parlour near London where 

I worked for many years until Dogs Design was launched in 1985.

I can safely say I am the longest standing groomer in the area, as over 30

 years on, I am still in business!

It is run and managed by myself so all dogs have my individual attention 

on every visit.

 How it works 

 The usual procedure is to make an appointment to bring your dog in for its beauty treatment and then collect at a given time which is usually within a couple of hours.

Some dogs ( or owners ) are very nervous of the grooming experience so it can be arranged for the owner to stay but this must be arranged prior to the appointment.

Always open to new business

I have many regular clients but always welcome those dogs in need of my  many years of experience and some TLC! Contact me for more details.

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